Mfundo Radebe

Mfundo is a student at Harvard University. He has spoken to thousands of young people in South Africa and coached and mentored in debate.


Miles Weddle

Miles is a student at Harvard University. He founded Learn Tutors an on-demand tutoring agency that provides high schoolers and college students with tutoring opportunities around the U.S.


Sibongakonke Kheswa (SK)

SK is a student at the University of Johannesburg. He helped raise millions to assist the homeless in the CEO SleepOut Initiative in 2016.


Russell Reed

Russell is a student at Harvard University. He founded The Bridge Initiative, a US-wide initiative that connects individuals with disabilities to long-term employment opportunities.

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Katie Mulkowsky

Katie is a student at New York University. Under institutional support, she has researched urban development and resource distribution in South Africa and France.


Jess Mandel

Jess is a student at University of Cape Town. She helped overhaul Port Elizabeth's education department during her tenure as Junior Mayor.


Mark Burman

Mark is interested in philanthropy and education. He holds a Law degree and is currently the Business Development Manager at Elevate Education.